Risks create magic


I believe that we get out of life what we put into it. When we make the effort to create magic in our own lives, to love other people the way they want to be loved, and to do what is difficult, we will always be rewarded.

I’ve discovered that when I take risks and go outside of my comfort zone the most AMAZING things happen. But that doesn’t occur when I stay safe and small. The juiciness is always on the other side of something scary.

Avoid people who are professionally negative, professionally nervous, professionally insecure. It’s hard not to pick up their attitudes.

In order to create the world we want to live in, WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. We don’t have the luxury of staying in our beds and pretending things are going in another direction. We have all been complacent for too long. Now it is time for us to get off our asses, and experience the terrifying thrill of REALLY DOING SOMETHING.

You are SO magical. You are so bold. You have so much power inside you. Don’t waste your time with anyone who can’t see that.

-- Gala Darling